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City of Redlands

35 Cajon St, Suite 15A, Redlands, CA 92373

909-798-7516 or 909-798-7529


The City of Redlands requires a prepayment from all customers who have not established credit with the City. Established credit is defined as one year of service with a “satisfactory” payment record. “Satisfactory” is defined as making all payments on or before the payment due date. The prepayment is based on a sum equal to three times the average or estimated monthly charges for the premise you are requesting services for.

The prepayment shall be applied as a credited to your account after one year of utility payments have been paid, provided a "satisfactory" payment record is maintained by paying all of your municipal services bills on or before the due date. 

The completion of this form does not establish service; However, this form, along with contacting you by phone, will assist us in establishing your account.

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